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Sustainability Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement

We have a proven track record delivering robust sustainability strategies for a variety of organizations.

Sustainability strategy development and stakeholder engagement can be complementary or independent processes. When used jointly with an analytical process, an outcome of stakeholder engagement can be a sustainability materiality assessment.

Sustainability Strategy Development

Viresco Solutions has experience assisting both private businesses and industry organizations in developing strategies consistent with your financial, environmental, and social sustainability goals. We can identify those factors material for your business, and identify the potential your organization can reach through measuring and monitoring specific indicators of success.

Stakeholder Engagement

Viresco Solutions assists your organization in engaging stakeholders to develop a lasting Social License to Operate. Stakeholder engagement informs those impacted by your organization’s goals and intentions, and seeks input from those impacted by your work and/or finding opportunities to collaborate. Stakeholder engagement is a key aspect of sustainable development used to: 1) help align social, economic and environmental priorities; 2) increase buy-in; and 3) ensure sustainable decision-making.

Stakeholder engagement can be undertaken to different “depths” – the deeper the engagement, the more meaningful the outcome. The Viresco team has a proven track record facilitating events or meetings and assists your organization with stakeholder identification, stakeholder consultation, dialogue facilitation, creating partnerships and reporting on outcomes and results.

Materiality Assessment

An outcome of a stakeholder engagement and strategy project can be a Materiality Assessment. Similar to the financial meaning of the word, a Sustainability Materiality Assessment allows an organization to hear from their stakeholders as to what key sustainability issues are the most material. This type of engagement opens the door for an organization to address the key interests of their stakeholders through reporting and outreach initiatives, and gives the organization key information with which they can develop or refresh organizational goals.