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Protocol Development

Carbon offset credits, created under a recognized carbon offset protocol, are one of the most globally well-known mechanisms for putting a price on carbon emissions and simultaneously incentivizing innovation or emission reduction opportunities.

Viresco’s staff have worked both with provincial governments and program administrators, as well as technology developers and industry, to create opportunities under scientifically-sound carbon offset protocols. A robust, transparent and scientifically valid protocol can help you to capitalize on market opportunities and generate revenue.  Viresco Solutions is well positioned to provide technical expertise based on experience designing and implementing protocols for use in other jurisdictions.

Viresco staff have participated, facilitated, led and supported more than 35 protocols and are able to share their expertise and provide support, management expertise to champion protocols through the process.  Our staff have both managed the process from the perspective of the government or program administrator, as well as supported industry proponents in bringing forward new opportunities.  Our experience allows for efficiency through the process, by streamlining new protocol development as we apply learnings from over a decade of protocol development experience.

Viresco has a unique understanding and expertise to assist you in navigating the nuances of protocol development.  Staff have experience in developing, facilitating and providing expert content on a number of offset protocols under a variety of jurisdictions including the provinces of Alberta and Ontario, the American Carbon Registry, and Verified Carbon Standard.  Protocols developed by Viresco staff have generated more than 45 million tonnes of reductions.

Viresco’s staff understand the requirements and best practices of offset protocol development and are all certified in the ISO 14064-1 and -2 standard.  Our team pas expertise in protocol development in biological systems, pairing our expertise in agricultural and environmental sciences with policy development.  In Alberta, our team has been involved in the Conservation Cropping, Nitrous Oxide Emission Reduction Protocol, and several cattle industry protocols.