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Policy Research and Analysis

Public policy, government mandates, and incentive programs all pair with a price on carbon to move the needle towards a sustainable and prosperous future.  With a mix of technical backgrounds and functional experience in policy development, the Viresco team will help ensure that policy and programs are meeting their intended outcomes.

The Viresco team have helped establish Alberta’s Regulatory Carbon Offset Market, evaluated functional outcomes from existing policies, provided forward-looking recommendations, and described best practices for future policy development.  We have the expertise to provide support, management, analysis, or facilitation through the process of policy review or development.

A robust offset system that has strong uptake from market participants will maximize system efficiency, environmental benefits and revenue.  Our team has gained expertise through the design, development and implementation of Alberta’s Offset System, and this experience means we are well positioned to provide technical guidance to other jurisdictions.

Staff at Viresco Solutions understands the nuances of policy – the roles and responsibilities of market stakeholders, offset system governance, management and development (including estimated costs), essential offset criteria, factors that influence market integrity (i.e. additionality, start date, leakage, permanence, verification, auditing, credit certification, validation, aggregation, credit ownership, data management systems) and methods of providing stability for project investment.

We are internationally recognized for our support and development of functional and robust offset systems including providing vital support to the development and implementation of Alberta’s Offset System which has generated more than 45 million tonnes of reductions.

Viresco Solutions worked closely with the government of Newfoundland and Labrador providing technical expertise based on experience designing and implementing offset systems in other jurisdictions.  Together with their partners, Viresco was asked to complete a scoping exercise and provide costed recommendations on optimal offset design elements, including the administration and management structure, to ensure Newfoundland and Labrador’s offset system is robust, transparent, efficient and effective.