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Financing Sustainability

Through the use of Pay-For-Success mechanisms (also known as Pay-For-Performance), Viresco can partner with project investors and project implementors to remove the capital finance barriers to your projects, and reduce the investor risks in financing sustainability.

Pay-For-Success mechanisms have traditionally been applied to social projects across the globe, but their application to sustainability and conservation projects is becoming increasingly recognized. By employing our expertise in environmental markets, sustainability strategy and project development, and innovative application of Pay-For-Success mechanisms to sustainability projects, we can help you:

  • Understand and implement Pay-For-Success frameworks to your organization;
  • Improve public perception and achieve CSR targets;
  • Remove risks inherent to traditional grant-based framework for both investors and project developers;
  • Attract a diversity of public and private investors;
  • Transfer implementation and financing risks to those best-placed to manage them;
  • Develop appropriate science-based metrics and indicators of project outcomes;
  • Quantify financial value of sustainability and conservation outcomes through participation in environmental markets;
  • Secure financial and temporal investments to defined outcomes; and,
  • Maximize financial returns for project developers and investors through participation in environmental markets.

The Viresco team has experience defining, quantifying and achieving value for environmental attributes, including carbon and greenhouse gas emission reductions and sequestration, and ecological conservation. Our proven track record in the successful development of many carbon offset systems and protocols throughout North America, particularly in waste management and biological and agricultural systems, sets us apart as specialists in biological carbon offsets. This unique skillset is essential to accurately model, quantify and verify the financial value of a project’s environmental attributes, and is applicable to all types of environmental offsets.

Working with the Alberta NAWMP Partnership and Ducks Unlimited Canada, Viresco leveraged our in-depth knowledge of ecosystem services and environmental markets to quantify the financial value of Alberta’s wetlands and grasslands. Viresco then identified pathways to utilize the financial value for ecosystem services provided by these habitats alongside innovative financial frameworks, to implement large-scale conservation projects. To date, this work is ongoing.