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Environmental Markets: Protocol / Methodology Development and Adaptation

Greenhouse gas quantification protocols or methodologies can be initiated by either the public sector to fulfill on policy goals, or the private sector to enhance business opportunities for a sector. Viresco’s team has experience working with public and private clients to ensure that regulatory or voluntary protocols/methodologies meet internationally recognized standards and best practices, and are developed with necessary expert overview.

Private Sector

Revenue from carbon offsets can make a material difference in the business plan of a new, greenhouse gas-light technology or business activity. Viresco Solutions can help you quantify the greenhouse gas benefits associated with your technology or business, and capture them formally in a carbon offset protocol or methodology element in the jurisdiction of your operations.

Protocol development allows innovative technologies and businesses to create additional revenue to support future business expansion, and to demonstrate environmental value to your internal and external stakeholders.

Public Sector

In some cases the public sector may drive the creation of a protocol/methodology in order to allow for the creation of adequate offset supply. An offset or cap and trade system can support a jurisdictions environment or climate policy goals. A cost effective way to develop an offset or cap and trade system is to leverage existing protocols/methodologies existing in other jurisdictions around the world. Viresco Solutions has experience with protocol / methodology development & adaptation to suit a specific jurisdiction. This process involves engaging local scientific expertise to ensure relevance and accuracy. Viresco’s team can ensure these protocols/methodologies are consistent with international standards such as ISO 14064: 2 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.