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Moving the Needle on Canada’s Beef Sustainability Programs and Quantification

Viresco is leading a project co-funded by the Government of Alberta, McDonalds, and Alberta Beef Producers to make real progress on linking farmers with high-level sustainability targets being set by multi-nationals.

Working closely with the Cool Farm Alliance, Anthesis Group, and most importantly, Alberta’s beef farmers, we are adapting the Cool Farm Tool to effectively track emissions from beef production and identify practical opportunities to improve the footprint of Canada’s beef production. By doing so, we are making critical steps to enable private-sector investment in Canada’s beef farmers, in return for an improved environmental footprint of beef products, opening opportunities for Canadian beef to be marketed as a premium low-carbon product.

Viresco is actively working to create a line-of-sight between the farmer and large multinationals with corporate GHG commitments while challenging the current narrative around beef production.