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Environmental Markets: Policy & Program Development

Policy and Program Development

Viresco Solutions’ founding team has experience working with public, private and non-profit clients in the creation of a compliance carbon offset market in the province of Alberta, Canada, as well as experience working in numerous other jurisdictions around the world. There are certain key elements to any environmental market policy or program, such as alignment with international standards, credibility, robustness, and fungibility of environmental assets that are relevant across jurisdictions.

The Viresco team helps you create a comprehensive and credible environmental policy or program to address the management of air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, or water quality. Starting with the end in mind, program or policy objectives can be collaboratively defined in order to then create a framework that is meaningful for the jurisdiction in which it operates, while incorporating international standards of rigor.

Compliance Management & Aggregation

If you are a company looking to obtain credits for an activity, Viresco’s team assists you in accessing environmental markets by helping you navigate the system, develop the necessary documentation and quantify the opportunity. Viresco also has experience supporting the document and data management systems of aggregated projects in various sectors.