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CAR Grasslands Pilot

Building on our successful development and approval of the Canada Grassland Protocol in Climate Action Reserve’s Voluntary Carbon Market for Canada, Viresco Solutions, in collaboration with the Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association is leading a diverse team to undertake a 2-year pilot project to test and implement the protocol with Canadian grassland landowners. The protocol enables Canadian grassland owners to generate carbon credits for continued carbon storage provided by Canada’s grasslands through a commitment to grassland conservation.

In particular, the objectives of the pilot project are to:
• Test and refine the recently published Climate Action Reserve Canada Grassland Protocol
• Investigate options for streamlining carbon projects, including the use of remote sensing technologies and effective roles for stakeholders
• Implement grassland carbon offset projects across Canada
• Direct carbon offset revenue to landowners
• Adapt the existing protocol for approval in compliance carbon markets in Canada (Provincial and/or national carbon markets)

The project is being generously funded by Shell, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, with key support from Alberta Beef Producers and the Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association. The diverse project team includes Brightspot Climate, Climate Action Reserve, Dagan, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Legacy Land Trust, Nature Conservancy Canada, Radicle Balance, Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, Southern Alberta Land Trust Society, and importantly, the participating grassland landowners. Many other Government, service providers, producer groups and NGO stakeholders are also involved.  

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