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About Viresco Solutions

Viresco Solutions Inc. is an environmental consulting firm that helps our clients strategically navigate the complex and evolving world of sustainability.  We are leading experts in developing science-based metrics and solutions that enhance our clients’ social license to operate.  We focus our work at the intersection of agriculture, waste, bioenergy, greenhouse gases and sustainable supply chains.  We are passionate about what we do, and are committed to making transformational change happen by pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

Our Vision:

“Mainstreaming Sustainability”

Our vision statement represents our objectives to work towards a world where economic growth and development are always sustainable, food supply chains create as little environmental impact as possible, and where low carbon energy sources are prevalent.

Our Mission:

“We are changing the way your business derives value in today’s marketplace by helping you:

  • “Navigate the possibilities
  • “Develop credible measurements
  • “Empower your people and systems, and
  • “Connect people, ideas and technologies”

Our Values:

These core beliefs influence us in our approach to business:

  • Integrity: we hold ourselves accountable to a high standard of work
  • Pushing boundaries: we never accept the limitations of the status-quo
  • Solutions-driven: we are always looking for ways to meet our clients desired outcomes
  • Growth: we are driven to grow both individually and as a company
  • Impactful: we seek work that we believe in

Viresco Solutions Core Beliefs

What We Do:


In today’s day and age, social license to operate is vital to a company’s success, and Viresco Solutions can help you earn it.  Viresco Solutions is experienced in developing strategy and the tools to measure, monitor and verify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  We can identify factors material to your business, and identify the potential your organization can reach through measuring and monitoring specific indicators of success.  We have a proven track record delivering robust strategies for a variety of organizations, including sustainability and/or carbon management strategies.  We have assisted both private businesses and industry organizations in developing strategies consistent with significant financial, environmental, and social sustainability goals.

Viresco understands the challenges and rewards of the variety of opportunities available to the agriculture industry and can help evaluate sustainability opportunities for the agricultural sector.  Staff can assist with the evaluation or comparison of sustainability measurement/metrics, reporting and verification systems, tools, procedures, and methods.


We support regulators, producers, generators and users in navigating environmental markets.  Viresco understands the nuances of regulatory market based mechanisms and have contributed in the design of Alberta’s carbon offset system.  Alberta’s regulatory carbon markets was one of the first economy-wide systems established in North America (ca 2007).  Our staff were involved in designing the protocol development process, project guidance, helping to seed the market with 15 protocols, and developing infrastructure (e.g. the offset registry, reporting templates, etc) to support the government regulations.


We have extensive experience supporting many projects in a variety of settings including greenhouse gas quantification and Protocol / Methodology Development and Adaptation.  Quantification, based on sound science and best available information, is key to ensuring credibility, and Viresco can assist in measuring results of projects and programs.  Staff are experienced in quantifying GHG emission reductions from multiple carbon offset project types.  We have developed supporting documentation (Offset Project Plans, Offset Project Reports and GHG Assertions) for the serialization of offsets under the Alberta market.  Staff understand the rigor of offset protocols and have led or contributed to the development of many of Alberta’s offset quantification protocols.  Additionally, staff continue to contribute to the development of new offset quantification protocols in Alberta, including technical seed document creation, facilitation of scientific/peer review meetings, quantification methodology development, or protocol validation studies.

How We Work:

Viresco achieves success for our clients through several channels:

  • Simplifying complex issues and processes with pragmatic solutions based on practical experience and sector expertise;
  • Acting as trusted advisors, providing evidence-based analysis;
  • Providing strategic intelligence on environmental markets and mechanisms;
  • Helping to facilitate change leadership;
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement;
  • Assisting in enhancing Social License to Operate; and,
  • Enabling clients to deliver on the triple bottom line.